Who We Are

Over the past several years, a large majority of the Security Industry has become a monopoly through buyouts, mergers and acquisitions. Ken Dennis, the Founder & President of Patriot Services had a “front row seat” over the past 20 years to see other companies sell out, merge, takeover, and acquire so fast and unreasonably that service declined, professionalism reduced, training became inconsistent and most importantly; experience in Security Operations was no longer appreciated.

Patriot Services provides Revolutionary Solutions by starting with simple & proven core values, creating a foundation of that honors the two greatest events in human history:  The Birth of Jesus Christ and the Founding of the United States of America. Our logo is adopted from the 13-star Patriot’s flag from the American Revolution. Each star is a significance to our projection in service. 

Individuals that possess these traits are likely to have a genuine desire to succeed at their assigned duty, while maintaining basic moral values and characteristics. These are requirements of all employees of Patriot Services.

Managers within Patriot Services have security experience from a variety of different backgrounds. Our Founder knows through experience that those that have never worked in the security field, worn a uniform on a duty assignment, or can’t leave their office lack the necessary experience and/or ability to cultivate Security Teams, identify risks, or teach others. Patriot Services recognizes that there is no education that can replace hands on experience.

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