Frequently Asked Questions

What is Patriot Services?
Patriot Services is a privately owned LLC business in NC that seeks to provide uniformed security services to a variety of entities in NC.

Is Patriot Services providing service in NC only?

Are licenses required to be a security guard?
Yes, North Carolina Private Protective Services (PPS) requires that people complete a specified amount of hours of training and obtain a registration to legally perform this function.

What if I am a security guard now and do not have a registration?
While there are some exceptions, a person or company could be subject to fines. The NC Chapter of law for reference is N.C.G.S. 74-C.

If I have a registration now can I transfer it to Patriot Services?
Yes, this is possible. If you are interested in employment opportunities, please note this in your cover letter with your resume.

Are all security companies the same?
No. In an example of how, would you hire a mechanic to do dental work? While you may laugh at that example, an Restaurant Supervisor managing a security operation is just as ridiculous. No security operation can operate efficiently without experience in the field. This basic principle is why Patriot Services exists.